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How to book activities in San Diego

San Diego is a gorgeous city with unlimited possibilities of things to do and here is a great tip for how to book activities in San Diego. My husband does not like crowded cities and was worried that he would not enjoy San Diego. Thankfully, the city proved him wrong and he had a great time along side the boys and me. In places like San Diego, there are so many excellent activities that its nearly impossible to do it all in one trip. It gives us a reason to plan another visit. After we check off other destinations on our bucket list, of course.

How did we decide on and book activities during our San Diego visit? One fantastic way is to buy a Go City card. It worked so well and saved us money! You are able to purchase the pass for the number of activities you want to do. We selected 4 activities and loved them all!

How do you book your San Diego activities? Buy your Go City Pass here!

How to Book Activities with the Go City Pass

There are so many activities that are available in the pass that it can be difficult to narrow it down. My family and I prioritized what we wanted to do during our 10-day San Diego stay, and then I found which activities were available on the Go City Pass.

What did we select? The San Diego zoo, Belmont Park, snorkeling at La Jolla and the USS Midway Museum. We highly recommend all four of these options! You do have the option of purchasing passes for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 attractions.

San Diego Zoo

We love animals and we love zoo’s. So while in San Diego, we could not miss visiting a world famous zoo! It did not disappoint. The San Diego zoo is impressive with over 12,000 animals.

How to book activities in San Diego including the San Diego zoo

How much does it cost to get into Belmont Park?

Belmont Park was one of those activities that I expected the boys to love but Ryan and I both loved it too. Not only is the amusement park on the beach but in addition to the roller coaster and spinning rides, there is mini golf, a sky ropes course, bumper cars, and a rock wall. It is free admission to walk around but purchasing the attraction on Go City pass allows you to enjoy the rides and activities. And towards the end of the evening, we told the boys to each pick a ride and then we had to drag them out.

Belmont Park in San Diego, CA

Can I swim at La Jolla beach?

As we were visiting in December, the ocean water was cool but that did not stop us from swimming. We used our Go City Pass to rent snorkeling equipment along with wet suits and boogie boards and wandered down to La Jolla beach for an afternoon of fun. While I will say that we did not use the actual snorkeling equipment much, we had to pull the boys out of the water on the boogie boards. They were not happy to leave. The wet suits were helpful in keeping us warmer in the chilly water.

La Jolla Snorkel Rental

The USS Midway Museum

The USS Midway Museum is in incredible site to see and imagine what it was like when thousands of sailors lived on board the ship. You must watch your step while walking through the ship and expect to go up and down some narrow stairways. You can see many types of aircraft on the hangar deck. I love, love, love the activities that are educational and fun!

How much does Go City Pass save?

At the time of our visit, we had 3 adults (includes kids over age 12) plus 2 kids (under age 12). We paid a total of $603. The gate prices for all four of these activities is $754. We saved over $150 which is 20%. I’ll take that savings anytime!!

Savings will vary and I have seen examples that saved over 50%. Its definitely worth checking out the pass!

Tips for Using the Go City Pass App

Once you have selected your San Diego activities, using your Go City Pass is easy! Download the Go City app from your phone’s app store. After purchasing from this link, you will then select ‘lookup your pass’ on the app and input your order number. All five of my family passes pulled up so only I had to show our pass at the entrance. It was an easy swipe to show each of the passes and the business scanned our pass. Easy, easy and easy!

Go City Pass app

Once we had purchased our passes, we did consider opting for another activity. I emailed the company and they were not able to change the activities once selected. Make sure you are confident in your choices. I am so glad we did not change ours. They were fabulous!

If you need help booking your next San Diego adventure, submit a travel quote request on my contact page and I’ll get in touch!

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