Should I use a Travel Agent? 6 Ways You Save Time and Money

Yes, you should always use a travel agent. Simple enough? I may have answered that question quickly but let me share the reasons why you should always consult with a travel agent. Your trip with be better, easier and less stressful with a travel agent on your side.

Traveling is my favorite thing to do but I also love to save money. In all honesty, I have always had the mindset that I could not use a travel agent because it would cost too much money (debunked below). I also love to research myself but that is why a travel agent and coach career fits me perfectly!

Use a Travel Agent and Pay No Extra

First, did you know that hotels, Disney, Universal, cruises and tours/excursions already have commission built into their prices? Therefore, you do not pay anything extra to book with a travel agent. The company/vendor pays the travel agent the commission that they have already calculated within the prices they charge. If you book directly with the company, the company keeps those fees. By working through me, you are shopping local and supporting my small business. Read on for more benefits!

In addition to not paying extra, you will probably even save money! Travel agencies develop relationships with travel vendors. Many times, we are able to offer specials and travel deals through these partnerships that you may not be able to find on your own. Its similar to purchasing an item at Costco. You buy in bulk and it is cheaper than a small quantity at the grocery store. Similarly, travel agencies sell large amounts of travel and receive discounts in return.

The Service of a Travel Agent

The travel agent will personally do the hard work for you saving you the time. As a travel agent, I am a person, not a website and I will be providing excellent service. Travel agents do the research for you and can provide options. This is convenient one-stop shopping for you!

What happens if there is an emergency on your trip? Having a travel agent in your corner means that you have someone to help. If an unfortunate bad situation occurs, instead of being on hold with a customer service line, you can call your agent who can do that work for you. A travel agent is your personal advocate!

There may be small details that you do not think about when planning your trip. With the expertise of a travel agent, I will not forget and will complete all the needed planning. As this is a profession and I do this daily, I know what small details should not be missed. I’ll provided detailed planning from the start to the end of your vacation.

Did you find a cheaper rate on Expedia?

If you are doing your own research (that’s not a bad thing!) and find a cheaper rate, be honest with your travel agent about it. As I travel agent, I may be able to beat a price you found on Expedia. The other thing to note is that any quote is most likely not to be an apples to apples comparison. Room type, time of flight, all transfer must match. When I provide a quote, it most likely includes everything you will need for your trip. Have you included airport transportation fees in your own research?

In addition, Expedia cannot beat my level of service. I care about your trip and your experience and will be here to answer questions or help as needed. My service is personalized as I am not an 800 number. I am not a website that will treat everyone the same. You are a unique customer to me.

Help with the Unknown

Unfortunately, travel over the past couple years has become more and more confusing. The rules and regulations surrounding the pandemic are constantly changing. However, this is where a travel agent can be extremely helpful in answering your questions. We keep ourselves informed on what is happening in the industry. We know where to find the resources to wade through all the rules.

Visa, passport, what other documents do you need? A travel agent will know what is necessary and ensure you have your documents ready.

In addition, due to the unknown, insurance is always a good purchase. It may be an expense that you do not want to pay. However, there are numerous things out of our current control and being protected in case you have to cancel/postpone a last minute trip is a low price to pay.

Support a Small Business

My travel agency is a small business. Most of my travel agent friends are a small businesses. When you bring business to us, you are supporting our small businesses. I started this small business because of my love for the travel industry and my love to travel. Most importantly, I love being able to help others plan amazing trips and for you to enjoy less stressful trips. I’ll go the extra mile to ensure you get exactly what you want!

Why Use a Travel Agent?

Next Steps!

What trip are you thinking about booking next? I would love to help! Send me a travel quote request and I will reach out to you! I would love to help!

Lastly, as you were reading this article, did this sound like something you would love to do? Would you love to book travel and earn travel discounts for yourself? If so, send me an email at and I will let you know how to get started in this amazing opportunity!

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